Sunday, September 04, 2011

The Philippine Creative Industry in the Age of ICT

Too much information, how can you stand out?

So many voices, how can you be heard?

"Creativity" allows you to stand out and be heard.

It's time for artists to shine and take advantage of what Information and Communications Technology (ICT) brings not only to the arts, but also to businesses.

At this time and age, the Internet is already a crucial part of people's lives.

The creative industry is booming and growing in a global scale. Filipinos need to keep up with it. Creativity and culture can lead to a viable creative economy for the Philippines.

The spark is there. Using ICT, Filipinos can continue spreading the flame of artistic freedom and responsibility for the benefit of artists, appreciators of art, and businesses.

It's about time that Filipinos work together for this endeavor. Support the establishment of the Philippines' Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT). It's about time.


Most interviewees were shot behind FILIPINO NATIONAL ARTIST Napoleon V. Abueva's wooden sculpture entitled "BORN FREE" (Molave and Iron); January 26, 1972.

This video was made through the collaborative efforts of dedicated people who worked with me on the project including Chrisel Desuasido, Philip Arvin Jarilla, OJ Desuasido, and Dustin Uy.

Special thanks to CICT's Creative Content Team.

Commission on Information and Communications Technology 1st AVP:

Coming soon: Video about artists' "Intellectual Property Rights" and information about "Copyright Registration."

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