Thursday, April 14, 2011

CICT_HUMAN VERSION 11.29.10_lowres.mp4

Many of us, including myself, have many rants and concerns with the government's seemingly lack of priority and support to the creative industry and Filipino artists. As one of the very few government arms supporting the industry and its artists, we are privileged to produce this AVP for the Commission on Information and Communications Technology (CICT). Looking forward to more awesome projects for the benefit of the creative industry, the artists, and ICT in the Philippines...

AVP by Colorwheel Media Studios
Producer: Len Beltran
Director: Rianne Hill Soriano
Director of Photography: Wowie Hao
Production Designer: Joy Puntawe
Production Manager: Gavin Herrera
Editor: Chrisel Desuasido
Make-up Artist/Stylist: Sarah Jose
Musical Scorer: Philip Arvin Jarilla
Production Assistant: Oniel Parker

On-cam Talents:
Menchie Tabije
Carlos Pambid
Harris Aldueso
Angela Monique Garcia

Special Thanks:
Karla Pambid
Dustin Uy
Ferdinand Isleta
Nino Kristobal Selibio
Vincent Jay Suing
OJ Desuasido
National Commission for Culture and the Arts
Tuldok Animation Studios

*Trivia: This AVP was shot during Ondoy (a supertyphoon that wrecked havoc in Manila in September 2009), thank goodness for the translucent roof of the building, we managed to finish the shoot even without power... with a lot shot in chroma, great cam from Dustin and great cinematography from Wow! :)

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