Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Catalina character studies

Catalina visual design study

initial design for the look of "Catalina". I'm still not very happy with the look and would like to experiment more with something that looks more inbetween silhouette and this visual style.

Bee man warrior study
A bee warrior that helps Catalina try to save her town later on.

Sigbin study
This design is alright but it makes the sigbin seem like a lesser, supporting character. I wanted one that showed some sort of power and awe.

Sigbin Study 2
I'm happier with this design showing the massiveness of the sigbin, this will probably be around 20-30 feet high

Catalina references

Moro weapons- weapons to be used by moro pirates

Moro Pirate- possible design influences on the moro piratesBackgrounds- amazing photos by photographer Bobby Wong, great inspiration for backgrounds

Moro ships- shapes and design can help with moro pirate ships

possible design references for female lead, Catalina

Tuesday, December 15, 2009