Monday, November 30, 2009

Occho Kochoi by TeamTo

Great 2D illustration visual style

Storm Hawks

2D toon look using 3d

Storm Hawks is an animated television series created by Asaph "Ace" Fipke and made by Nerd Corps Entertainment

Brendan and the Secret of Kells

Trailer for Brendan and the Secret of Kells by Tomm Moore.
Adventure, action and danger await young Brendan who must fight Vikings and a serpent god to find a crystal and complete the legendary Irish Book of Kells. From the producers of Kirikou and Triplets of Belleville, a new animated masterpiece.

Silhouette Flash Animation

These flash animation makes great use of silhouettes.

Tar Boy by James Lee

War, Snow, and Fire by Kostas Skiftas


Gary from Gary on Vimeo.

Directed by Clément Soulmagnon, Yann Benedi, Sébastien Eballard & Quentin Chaillet - Copyright Supinfocom 2008 -

from Jon Saunders on Gary:
"In a time when we are so used to crispy 3d animations with cutesy round beavers and big eyed rabbits as the main characters, that only emulate what Pixar churns out on a yearly basis, I find animations with this illustrative style and somewhat risque storyline to be a far cut above the rest.The Supinfocom and Gobelins students have learned a very hard and important lesson with their software and that is to not let it dictate their style."


Spoliarium by Juan Luna
location: National Mueseum, Manila

Beautiful pictures of the Philippines

from Postcards from Manila

sneak peak:

#41 Palawan on Fire

When was the last time you took time-off to witness a sunset?

On the shores of Corong-corong, in the town of El Nido in Palawan, we chanced upon a whopper of a sunset, the mere memory of which still gives me goosebumps today.

Video game style animation

Here is how one animator was able to tell a story by using an old-school-beat-em-up-side-scroller-videogame style!
Pirate Baby Cabana Street Fight by Paul Robertson

Massive Swerve by Robert Valley

traditional animation, but an interesting visual style

Amazing 8minute short done in "one camera shot"

This short called "L'eau de rose" is done by Arthur de Pins, an amazing short where a whole story is told in just one "shot", no camera cuts or editing, just really great pacing.