Monday, May 19, 2008

Rianne goes to a salon after more than 3 years!!! New hairdo wehehe!

im not really a salon/parlor person, i dont go for a manicure, pedicure, and i rarely have a hair makeover. i just feel like i have other better things to do for all these busy days. and well, im just not really fond of it. in fact, many people kept asking me why i have a really long hair (with a length touching my hips already =p ), it's as simple as - i just cut my own bangs but im not fond of going to a parlor for a haircut wehehe!

before people think of the usual reason that im depressed or anything, na-ah, i just find it so hard to comb my hair already, so finally i had a haircut.

super thanks to r2 of huelgas salon, a friend and batchmate at peta around year 2000 - you're super great!!!

note: the hairstyle you see here... i shot after the makeover at annapolis, greenhills. but don't get deceived... i can still have long hair without the fuss... so to my friends, youll see me with new look everyday with this magic haircut care of R2 Tolentino!!! =p