Saturday, March 31, 2007

Google Search for Keyword "Rianne" - My Website Rank 6... and Blogsearch Reference to My Blog

"Rianne" may not be a competitive keyword in the web. But definitely, it is still something... that out of the 1,160,000 search results for the keyword "Rianne," my website is ranked 6th in Google (first page of Google results!)

The results came from Internet Explorer and it shared pretty much the same results on Mac's Safari. This was a search dated Mar 31, 2007.

Wala lang, kaaliw... hehehe!

And if you search on the entertainment sites/blogs on blogsearch, youll see my film blog no. 48, right beside American Idol Season 6 on no. 49 :D cool! =p

Friday, March 16, 2007

Invitation to the ‘Feminine Force: 7th Heaven’

Start:     Mar 17, '07 8:30p
Location:     Mayrics, Espana
IMAGO joins a bevy of female artists on ‘Feminine Force: 7th Heaven’ on March 17, Sat., 8:30 pm, Mayric’s, together with other gal-led rocking bands Paraluman, Tether, Kinosis, and Milk & Money. Young indie femme scriptwriters Rianne Hill Soriano, Tey Clamor, and Connie Macatuno will also join the night to inspire and empower women. For ticket details on Feminine Force Group’s 7th anniversary gig, please text 0918-9048815 or 0915-9678383. Red Horse Beer, Woman by Lactacyd, Nestea Green Tea, and Branded support the celebration. Proceeds of the event will aid FFG’s monthly production at Penguin Gallery.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Hallmark for LIFE 2006 Turnover

Memories of LIFE...

Hallmark for LIFE 2006 Turnover

This video is simple, but touching...

Kath of Hallmark Philippines made this video. Yup, it's not me who made this, but im adding it here anyway, I told her about it :) I was really touched with this video, actually, it's more of a photo slideshow made into a simple music video. I got this video during the Leukemic Indigents Fund Endowment (LIFE) turnover of funds from Hallmark to LIFE.

Hallmark was able to give almost half a million pesos for LIFE this year - which is the largest in 7 years, according to Hallmark Philippines President Maximo Licauco.

Some people from the Sales Dept of Hallmark told me my Christmas Card design had many orders last Yuletide season. It's an honor really to help for this cause. :)

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I'm Still Hurting [The Last Five Years]


i like this song, this came from teresa :) you might wanna check this out too!!!

Hallmark for L. I. F. E. turnover

Start:     Mar 8, '07 09:00a
Location:     Hallmark office
Finally... the turnover of the funds for the 2006 Hallmark Christmas Card Collection to L. I. F. E. (Leukemic Indigents Fund Endowment) will be happening on March 8. I am deeply honored to be part of it by contributing my art work for such a wonderful cause! :)

Mayrics event on March 17

Start:     Mar 17, '07 9:00p
Location:     Mayrics, Espana
I was invited to have a talk for the said event of the Feminine Force Group. The initial info I received was that it will feature female musicians, writers, and filmmakers. :)