Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Aninag screening at Naga :)

Start:     Mar 1, '07 9:00p
Location:     Naga City
Finally, the 35mm print of "Aninag" will be used again... after more than a year :) sana di pa maalikabok... :) anybody who knows san pwede makapaglinis ng print? hay, wala na kasi ang LVN...

"Aninag" is screening along with "Kubrador" and films of Meyor and Rox Lee. I'll have to check the complete details/line-up still :)

If youre around the area, hope you can check out the films!!! :-p

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Rianne Hill Soriano. Filmmaker. Writer. Production Artist. | Rianne's Alter Ego

My personal website is now up!!!

it's supposedly a site of mine since august last year,
had no time to study making my own website (dont
want others to do it for me so i would learn then,
hehe!). and now, finally, i got somethin there

it's so basic i know, very elementary design and all,
but hey, at least i have somethin there now... than
nothin at all, ahehe!

when i get more time to fix the design and add
more significant stuff ill keep you guys posted... i
would have to say... slowly but surely... :-p loaded
with work... arrrggghhh!

hope you guys can check it out!

my personal website serves as my online curriculum
vitae for now...

and my film blog... if youre into films, you would
probably wanna read on for tons of film reviews
and photos



Tuesday, February 06, 2007

aninag trailer.mp4

This is the trailer I recently made for Aninag (funny, it took me more than 2 years to make 1 when the film went on various screenings already... it's only now that i have my own means to edit through my notebook and the time to edit... :)

Btw, the film just won 3rd Place at the PBO Digitales Film Contest of Viva. Thank you so much to everybody who gave their good luck to me. And to those who voted for the film for the text promo of the competition. i owe you guys one really! Thank you sooo much! :)